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Stove Art – Chimney Installation, Servicing and Repairs in Norfolk

Here at Stove Art in Norfolk, as part of our roofing service, we are also able to install or repair any chimneys. With 15 years experience in the chimney installation and repair trade, we have completed many chimney projects throughout Norfolk. Chimneys are traditionally a means of allowing smoke to leave the home. They have evolved over time to have a more decorative appeal.

Although the practical importance of chimneys has largely been replaced by central heating, there is still an aesthetic appeal to chimneys. Internally, a fireplace can add a rustic, old-fashioned ambience to your home, giving it a sense of authenticity. It can also be used as a regular fireplace on any occasion – and it’s perfect for any romantic evenings in! Externally, the chimney has become a staple of British homes. The appearance should be simple, yet it should complement the look of the rest of your property.

There are a variety of chimney techniques and materials that can be used in the construction of your chimney, and at Stove Art Ltd, we can evaluate your property and advise you on which technique and material would best suit your property. We can also offer advice on how to plan around a chimney installation in your new extension.

Additionally, at Stove Art, we can repair any damaged chimneys. Whether your chimney has been damaged by extreme weather or worn down over time, we can replace any damaged bricks or tiles and leave your chimney looking brand new. Furthermore, we can repair or replace any damaged roofing tiles that are around your chimney. We can also repoint your chimney.

For more information on our chimney installation services in Norfolk, give us a call today on 07447908350 or 01609 208776, or send us a message through our contact page.

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