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Multi-Fuel Stoves installations in Norfolk.

At Stove Art in Norfolk, we specialise in the installation, repair and maintenance of all multi-fuel stoves. Similarly to wood burning stoves, multi-fuels can burn wood to create heat and energy, however, they are also able to burn a number of other fuels such as peat and coal. At Stove Art, we are fully accredited by HETAS as an approved installer of all multi-fuel stoves.

A multi-fuel stove has a number of advantages over traditional gas or oil burners. Firstly, they are cheaper to run. Although the cost of installing a multi-fuel stove is relatively expensive, these costs are soon recuperated thanks the cheaper fuel prices.

Furthermore, a multi-fuel stove has advantages over wood burners as they can burn a wider range of fuels. This means that you can use a fuel that is closer to home and more readily available. Some of these fuels are also ‘smokeless’ which means they can be used in areas that are under the Clean Air Act.

At Stove Art, we can install, repair and maintain any multi-fuel stove in Norfolk. For more information on our multi-fuel stove services, call us today on 07447908350, or send us a message through our contact page.

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